Welcome Welcome Welcome! Come one come all to the farm, as we are hosting a walk! The date is May the 9th, a Saturday. Hopefully the woodland plants will be blossoming and the sunshine will greet us. We will be leaving for our hike at 1:30 pm so if every one can be at the farm by 1pm it would be much appreciated. The walk will take around 1.5 hours through the field and forest. There will likely be some mud so rubber boots or other appropriate footwear is necessary!

As per normal, potluck meal to follow, so bring your favourite dish. If you like reply below or on Facebook with what you are bringing so we have a balanced feast, that would be great. Matt will be doing sausages in a bun on the BBQ, and maybe another tasty meat dish.

Bring your own lawn chairs and inside shoes if you like. New puppies are welcome, over 12 weeks old should be fine to do the walk. Sorry, we do not allow non – Dantry danes, unless cleared with Danielle. $5 per person.

Cheers and all our best,
Matt, Danielle, London and Riggins
(Please email us at dantrydanes@gmail.com to let us know if you are coming and how many will be in your group. Also a possible idea of what you may bring would be great!)