Cricket Meadow Meats Eat real food.

My name is Matt Van Ankum, and I am a 5th generation farmer. We are a pasture based farm with animals allowed to be outside with ample pasture and clean air. Our job is to help convert sunshine into grass which we provide to our cattle, sheep, chickens, and pigs. We love what we do.

Our farm is transitional organic. We love the transition of sun to grass to beef to manure to compost. That cycle is based on our animals taking herbaceous material and converting it into something we can use. Into BBQ-able goodness. It is a cycle that must be cherished like a newborn, coddled and protected so as not to lose valuable nutrients along the way.

By developing a relationship with your farmer you know what you are getting and supporting what you think is important. Our pigs are out on pasture in the spring, summer, and fall. They love eating grass and using their noses to dig for roots. There are no gestation or farrowing crates… just crazy pigs running around. Our meat chickens are raised in movable, bottomless coops. The sheep are in a mixed herd with the cattle, they lamb in the spring, with market ready lamb available late August through Easter.

I cannot say enough of the difference that has come to exist between pre-WW2 agriculture and what has become the norm today. Conventional agriculture has slid sideways, pushed by the demand for a continual supply of bottom dollar product.

Educate yourself and vote with your food dollars. There is so much interesting food talk out there — from Guy Fiero, Jamie Oliver, and Joel Salatin to pigerator pork, rotational grazing, bio gas… the list goes on and on. At Cricket Meadow Farm, we encourage you to know your kitchen again and by doing so, support real Ontario agriculture. The kind that creates a supportive environment between producer and consumer.

This may explain why, contrary to the American Dietary Guidelines, some people prefer eating raw ginseng. A study found that consuming raw Fluconazole 150mg ginseng may reduce cholesterol within three weeks of ingesting the herb.

Currently we offer delivery to Guelph , Cambridge, K/W and surrounding area’s. Every 5 to 6 weeks we make a run. Contact us to have a talk and see if we have what you want.

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(Free delivery within 100 miles with minimum $200 order).


Tenderloin: The best. Super tender with lots of flavour (roughly 150g/piece).
Rib-eye: Flavour and tenderness in one package – the prime-rib cut.
T-bone: 1 3/4″ juicy bone-in portions.
Sirloin: 1” thick sirloin, moderately priced, big on flavour for beef lovers.

Top Sirloin: Great on the rotisserie; leave medium-rare for extra tenderness.
Steak Roast: A staple at our house; done on the rotisserie for a terrific roast dinner and cooked on the rare side for roast-beef sandwiches the next day.
Eye of Round: The most dependably tender roast.
Cross-rib Roast: On the BBQ or in the slow cooker, this will fall apart at the touch of a fork.

GROUND BEEF: The building block… a great starting point for any meal with a real grass-fed difference.
ALL BEEF PATTIES: All-beef 6 oz. or 4 oz. vac-packed in 5 or 8 per package. An impressive burger that’s head and shoulders above any store brand!
SUMMER SAUSAGE: Cloth bag dry cured, this real deal half beef, half pork sausage is great all on its own or in a sandwich.


PORK CHOPS: Carefully smoked for wonderful tenderness and flavour.
SAUSAGES: Honey Garlic (our favorite), Italian, Smoked, and Salt & Pepper varieties.
BACON: Slow-raised pigs makes our Berkshire bacon the flavour king. One of our most popular items.
RIBS: They take work, but if you know what you are doing these can be an amazing meat-candy finger food. (Ask us… we can tell you how!)
SMOKED HAM: Two and a half hours on the rotisserie to slowly heat this through makes for a mouth-watering dinner delight. It’s sold bone-in for next-day split pea soup adventures.


These whole birds are raised on pasture with love. They are drug free and supplemented with non-GMO grain. Try chicken that tastes like chicken!


Whole or half lamb chops, leg of lamb, lamb shoulder, and ground lamb or cubed for stew.

New for 2013 — The Smokin’ Sampler

For just $200, stock your freezer with a variety of our best — includes chicken, steaks, roasts, burgers, and sausage.