Important Information – Dantry Spring Walk

Important Information – Dantry Spring Walk

Dantry Dane Spring Walk 2013

Due to overwhelming response and a “pack”ed walk – a few things to keep in mind, please.

      1. Sign into the arrival book so we know you are here.
      2. Keep dogs on leash on farm property until told otherwise by Danielle.
      3. Bathroom upstairs – Please be courteous and remove your outside boots/shoes before going up.
      4. Keep a constant eye on your dog(s). You are responsible for their behavior. Be vigilant. We cannot be responsible or liable for any injuries.
      5. Bring a leash with you on the walk.
      6. You do NOT have to pick up after your dog(s).
      7. Clearly marked garbages are available. Compost (left over food and paper plates) in PIG garbage. Recycling available. DO NOT PUT CANS IN PIG GARBAGE.

When arriving please go to the eastern gate (nearest to Mcintosh line). If possible please park on gravel and not on the lawn. Again, please keep dog(s) on leash.

Enjoy yourself. Have fun. Be Safe. We love to have you!