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    Matt and Danielle,

    Jon, myself, and Elvis will be attending (that makes two adults and one pup). We will bring a pasta salad.

    Monika, it will be our first walk too and we have the same issue haha. Should be exciting 🙂

    ~ Katie

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    Hi Tammy,

    i am just seeing this now.

    Jon and I actually waited a very long time. We sat on the waiting list for a few years because the time was never ‘right’ (for us for course!) However, we went and visited in April and were put on the list for the Hannah/Oakley litter born June 14th (coming home August). We are super excited!

    It is definitely a good time to get stuff together and buying one thing (or a few things) a week is a great approach (from Nadia).

    We’ve been prepared for about a month or so now and are just waiting to get food and Vitamin C a few days before 🙂

    ~ Katie

    in reply to: Hannah & Oakley – June 2013 #1296

    Just an update:

    I went out this past Sunday to see the puppies and they are all amazing! I also got to meet two of the Java girls and a few others.

    We’re looking forward to finding out which boy is ours 🙂

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    So exciting! Maybe send an email to Danielle or call just to get in, she’s a busy lady!

    I’ll definitely definitely be taking pictures. I’ll post a few here and maybe tag the Dantry Danes page on facebook :).

    Arya is a super pretty name. Our boy will be Elvis (can you tell I’m a fan 😉 ).

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