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    Hi guys!
    Just wondering if anyone from Harlow’s litter is planning to attend the fall walk this year? This will be our first Dantry walk and we hope to meet some of you! Harlow has grown into an amazing, sweet, gentle dog and we are so happy with her! 🙂

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    It’s the same for us – Harlow mostly jumps before and after a walk. Completely unpleasant..but definitely worse for you if you’re pregnant! We just don’t give into it, mostly ignore it and we go inside…we let her in when she calms down. For us, mouthing is worse than jumping though. Our dog trainer called it “frap” – unexplained energy bursts with barking, mouthing, jumping, etc. From what he said and what I found online, the only thing that really seems to help is to remove exciting things (take away toys, stop outdoor play). In the house, we put her in her crate for a few minutes until she breaks her ‘zoomie’ it seems to be the only thing that helps? Hopefully it is partially just puppy behaviour they outgrow too. We walk her well too so I am surprised she even has energy for these frap bursts sometimes! Anything else we tried hasn’t worked :s

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    Hi guys! It has been a while, I even forgot my old login!

    That is so nice that you & Riggins went to the farm when the mom was there! What an awesome experience. We should drive up with Harlow some day, it really isn’t a bad drive at all.

    Harlow is doing well. I am slightly concerned that she is massive…she was 83.5lbs last Friday. I thought the females were way smaller, but I guess not! She seems to be into a growth spurt phase again the last few weeks though. We unfortunately had a bit of a set back. Poor pup somehow ate one of our cat’s toys whole – we had no idea until she became sick and ended up needing emergency surgery to get it out of her small bowel. I feel terrible, have no idea how it happened because we are with her all the time. With their big mouths it just happens so fast! Thank god for pet insurance. It hasn’t been a fun few weeks for anyone, she was on total rest…very difficult to make an energetic puppy not run, walk, or play – with a cone on no less. But things are turning up and she is out for long walks and getting back to herself.

    Glad to hear Magreggor is feeling better too, I love the sophisticated names we all have. Harlow is not classy at all! Burps, toots, drools, sleeps in questionable positions.. Harlow has started to occassionally jump lately too – not really on us, but up in the air. Either way it isn’t really wanted so we are trying to nip that in the butt too. Lately she has gotten bad with mouthing my hands, clothes…not hard, and not to Devin though. But it is totally unwanted behaviour, need to work on that. Have you guys had trouble with that at all?

    We are going to do spay + plexy. Not sure when, going into heat sounds really unappealing, but we don’t want to do it too early because of the plexy. I think we’ll call Danielle in a few weeks and get her opinion on timing.

    Take care!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)