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    Hey guys, I guess the forum changed over? I see our thread is no longer here.

    I was thinking about Juno’s littermates and wondering how everyone is doing? Juno is great! She’s is such a good, calm, polite lady now. We’ve done a lot of training work in the last year and she’s wonderful on the leash now and not growling at dogs we pass by! (The dogs growling at her is another story!!)

    She now has 3 small pack mates to contend with – poor girl. She took to our newest addition very easily – no real blip on her radar! I guess she just realizes she has another kid who will be loving the stuffing out of her in another year or so. Her bond with my middle child is especially strong. I love watching them together. Juno treats her with such gentle love.

    I’m not sure how to post a photo here, but if I can figure it out I’ll share one. She’s still getting lots of attention around town for her beauty. We run into a couple of other Dane owners all the time. It’s nice.


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