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    As I read through this forum, I see that people have been waiting for their pups for some time. I was at the farm in early June and was so taken with the dogs, my name is on the list as well. I understand that Oakley and Frankie may have an expected litter in August. I would love to be considered for one of their pups. I think Oakley is just amazing. Please tell me of your experience as you waited or are waiting. I would like to hear.



    I’m not sure about everybody else but from personal experience I think it depends on timing and your specifications.

    My boyfriend and I first meet some of the Dantry Danes at the 2012 Great Dane Club of Canada Specialty in September. After talking with Matt, some of the Dantry owners and of course seeing the dogs we were very interested. Fortunately one of the walks was scheduled for the following weekend. We went of course and decided to get on the waiting list (although we were looking for a spring/fall puppy of the following year). Danielle actually had a puppy that perfectly met our criteria available immediately for us but we were not ready at all and so decided to wait. So you can see sometimes the wait isn’t long at all. I e-mailed Danielle at the end of December as we decided to move up our date for getting a puppy. We wanted a black female and after getting the call from Danielle regarding Hannah/Oakley’s two females (now 4 weeks old) decided to be open for a blue female as well. If we had stuck with a black female only there was a chance we would have had to wait for a future litter as well. So for us it was about 7 or 8 months.

    Good luck with the wait, I know it’s hard but it is worth it for a knowledgable breeder and healthy/properly raised puppy.
    My solution to deal with the wait was to keep an eye on sales at the pet store and go every other week and buy one item (or a couple if it was a great sale :), I had all my pup’s stuff ready by April).



    Waiting excitedly is more like it here. Well I have been watching the Dantry dane site for ages waiting till we had a home that felt right for a dog ( with a back yard for instance), we meet Danielle and Matt late February. We went for a walk with the girls and just feel in love. Since we’re waiting for a girl, and don’t really care about the color, we’ve been on Java’s and Hannah’s waiting list. But Puppies are unpredictable and we’re now waiting for the litters in August. I don’t mind waiting if it means a lovely dog with as good of a chance of being healthy as breeding can make them. I just often find myself thinking of all the things we will need to get and do once we know we will have a puppy coming home. I have been keeping an eye on sales, and slowly getting things together. So far we have a collar, raised dishes, and a few large toys. Can’t wait! -Colleen


    I agree with Nadia, the waiting lets you keep an eye out for deals and get things nicely prepared 🙂

    We first spoke with Danielle in April of 2012, knowing we wanted a puppy around Christmas time just because it suited our work schedules (more time off, less busy). We then met with her in August of 2012 and put our names on a waiting list for a black female. A few weeks later, we got a call from Danielle saying she had a puppy ready (I guess someone decided they wanted a pup from a later litter or something), but we knew we were too busy in the Summer to take on a new pup so we had to decline (we should get an award for showing that kind of will power!) In October, our pup was born (the only black female of the litter, and with one person ahead of us who also wanted a black female! But we ended up getting her!) and we picked our Archer up just after Christmas.

    So from start to finish, it was about eight months. But from when we met Danielle and her pack, to when she first called us with a puppy available it was only weeks. Just depends on timing, I guess.

    In the mean time, we were able to get all the things we needed. We ended up buying a crate from someone who had gotten a puppy from Danielle two years ago and no longer needed it (her dog was fine without the crate). That was a huge help, and definitely saved us some money in that regard. By the time we brought our pup home, we had everything (and more!) that we needed. Besides, Archer was well worth the wait!


    We are hoping for a pup from one of the August litters as well ( I believe there are two litters both around the 15th? Although I could be wrong)
    We first contacted Danielle via email in December or January I believe but didn’t get to the farm to visit until early April.
    Fingers crossed we will be getting a confirmation sometime in August that our pup was born. We are waiting for an all black ( no white ) pup.


    Hi Tammy,

    i am just seeing this now.

    Jon and I actually waited a very long time. We sat on the waiting list for a few years because the time was never ‘right’ (for us for course!) However, we went and visited in April and were put on the list for the Hannah/Oakley litter born June 14th (coming home August). We are super excited!

    It is definitely a good time to get stuff together and buying one thing (or a few things) a week is a great approach (from Nadia).

    We’ve been prepared for about a month or so now and are just waiting to get food and Vitamin C a few days before 🙂

    ~ Katie

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