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    Matt Ankum

    Holy Cow it’s seems like a heck of a good idea to have everyone out for a walk. We will leave from the farm at 1 so be there a good 20 minutes prior to prep and get in gear. The walk will likely be through the fields, mosquitos in the bush, bring bug spray in case. We will have the usual potluck after with the bbq going with sausages and burgers. Reply on the board, or by email to Danielle , if you are coming, with how many pooches and people. Also if you would mention the dish you are bringing so we have a well rounded feast. lol .
    If you would like to pick up some meat from Matt, send him a note at and he will have it ready for pick up. Due to high numbers we have to restrict it to Dantry danes, their owners and their future prospective owners

    Matt and Danielle

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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