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    Lana Decle

    Hello Dantry Family!

    We received an email from Danielle the other day to let us know that Sophie had a litter of 10 puppies- one of which (a female) is ours! We have been waiting patiently since being put on the list in November, I believe. We made sure to send in the deposit quickly- and now can’t sit still we’re so excited! She should be ready to come home to us the second week of July or so!

    We had intentions of coming to the spring walk to see Sophie (and everyone else !!!) but something came up and we were sad to have missed out.

    Anyone else waiting on Sophie/Oakley pups? And any words of advice from all you other Dantry owners? This will be our first dane!



    We’re anxiously awaiting a male.


    Hi Lana

    We know exactly how your are feeling.


    Hello Everyone,

    Nadia and I are also



    Lana Decle

    Hi everyone, very sad to hear a few of you lost your Danes recently. Heart goes out to you!

    We can understand how the wait is taking it’s toll on everyone. We have a countdown on our calendar and can’t wait to meet our little girl. Our colossal crate is on it’s way (great price from amazon!) and we are starting to puppy proof and prepare ourselves for the responsibility.

    We are hoping for a blue, but have also said we would take a black- after all they are going to be lovely dogs either way.

    Has anyone heard the break down of colors/gender yet? We are going up on June 2nd to visit and will post pictures (if we can).

    By the way, we are in Oakville (but have a car), so if anyone ever wants to meet up for a walk or hike with the dogs, just let us know- we’d love to meet you!



    Excited for all the parents-to-be from this new litter!

    My Cody was also from a Sophie litter (Sophie & Odin, March 2012), and he has been a real treat.

    Lana Decle

    Hello everyone! I believe a few puppies went home this weekend- how exciting!!! We are still waiting to get ours, the cropped puppies take a bit longer at the farm. We are picking her up on Sunday July 7. Went out and got a whole bunch of fun puppy stuff yesterday, and can’t believe we’re finally going to be taking her home after months and months of waiting.

    Has anyone figured out how to post pictures on the new forum? If so, please do! I’d love to watch the multi-colored littermates grow up 🙂 !

    We still haven’t figured out a name yet, narrowing in on a few though. What are you all calling yours?

    –Lana & Ryan

    Monika MK


    We took home our girl on Sat morning. A blue female (green collar) and named her California -we call her Cali!

    So far she’s been awesome, adjusting well, seems to aim to please and is very loving. We couldn’t be more thrilled with her and feel she is the perf match for us!

    Love to hear about others in the litter and how they are doing in their new homes 🙂

    Monika & Kris

    Lana Decle

    It’s funny because “Cally” pronounced the same as your Cali, Monika, was in the cards for us too! We ended up naming our girl Lady. It took about 4 days (we just brought her home on Sunday) but at least we got her a name eventually 🙂 She was a dream in the car (2 hour ride home). We took home the blue girl with the pink collar (skulls and patterns on it).
    She’s been an absolute delight in her crate, no accidents in the house, and very sweet and loving. She does have her bouts of puppy biting and unruly behaviour but we find she is very quick to take to correction and she just wants to play and be around us as much as she can. She sleeps a hell of a lot too! Also, she has had no issues eating her full 1.5 cups a meal since she’s been home. Is everyone having the same luck as us?!
    The only frustration is the taping has been a hell of a time (we got our girl cropped)- it gets better every day though!

    Can’t wait to hear more from our littermates. The prospects of an eventual meet-up of our litter at a Dantry walk or wherever is exciting! Don’t hesitate to contact us if anyone would like to plan a play date!

    Lana & Ryan

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    Have had Forrest home for a week now. He’s a gem! He’s doing his nights, listens well and is comfortable with new people and k9’s. He has a healthy appetite and loves to snooze. We can almost see him grow when we watch him sleep. He’s beautiful inside and out and we couldn’t love him more. Thanks to Danielle, Sophie and Oakley for an incredible job done!

    Mary Flynn

    Lana, we are in Port Credit, we should try to get the doggies together whenever you are available. The walk was just posted for August 25th. I will look forward to meeting you then Be patient with the taping, as you say it will get easier. I find that it is actually a relaxing time for them. Enjoy the puppy stage, it goes by SO fast
    e-mail me anytime at (Blackberry) or text 416-574-9558. WE are away this weekend but are home most weekends. Enjoy Lady and see you on the 25th if we don’t get something together before then.


    Well we have had Lucy at home for 7 1/2 weeks now. I have never owned nor met such a well behaved pup of any breed before. She takes direction almost immediately on everything we ask of her. So far she has learned to sit, lay, shake a paw, she sits and waits politely for her command to eat her food, doesn’t enter the cooking area of the kitchen (trying to prevent counter surfing which Danes are notorious for), walks on a leash with little to no pulling, stays with us off leash and literally she has not misbehaved once. It has been so much fun to watching her learn to run, discover leaves blowing and wondering what happened to that poor ant that just got stomped on. We can’t wait to watch her in all her new discoveries. We adore and love her to bits.

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