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    So, it turns out “Lena” in 9 month-old dog language translates to “quick run the other way!” and “if she yells louder, run farther!”.


    We’ve been having a little difficulty with Archer (5 months) but that’s fairly natural. Right now everything’s new and exciting.

    But, our trainer at puppy school made a good point about recall in general. If you only call them back to end their fun (play time, roaming time), then they see it as a bad thing. If you call them to you, reward them, and let the go play again, they will see it in a better light.

    We were practising with Archer while she played with her puppy friends and recall is near impossible when she goes into play mode. But we were successful at getting her attention and having her come back to us. We’d give her a reward and let her go back to the action. Slowly but surely, I think we’ll solve this recall business!

    Hopefully that helps? Even a little? 🙂



    It seems a few days with the e-collar to reinforce the need to come when called was all it took to establish an almost perfect recall. I must say, at first I felt a little guilty turning to it as a training tool (figuring I should be able to get the same results if I spent more time on training)… but I actually think Lena likes the new structure and she has proven (again) to be a very quick learner. Plus, it shortened the time to success and has allowed us to have more fun together right away 🙂

    While she will continue to wear it while off leash on our unfenced farm (for safety purposes), she has not required correction for 2 days now… AND she went out with just the kids tonight with NO problems – she came when they called and stayed with them as they played on their bikes (the transmitter was inside with me).

    Just thought I’d update and share our happy progress… and, so you know, I no longer feel guilty about using this collar. Lena is much happier with praise than she was with us yelling after her as she trotted off, and we’re much happier now too!

    🙂 Bethany

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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