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    Mary Flynn

    Bentley – black boy out of Paige _ Odin, July 23, 2011 – Just thought I would add our ‘litter’ in here

    Hope to hear from some of the others

    New website is great!


    Happy Second Birthday to all of Max’s litter mates!!! Hope you are all enjoying your boys/girls like us!!
    Ali (and the rest of the Eamon Clan!!)

    Mary Flynn

    Happy Happy big TWO yr olds, Max, Earl, Bronte, Bentley….we are having a Dane b’day with little cakes and hats! Yup I am dane crazy. Ben and Gabby are still pretty low key since their day on the farm Saturday. What a fab day!
    Hope all of you are enjoying the doggies. Bentley is a great dog and we love him like crazy. Abt 160 now and think he is done!
    Good to hear from you Ali and hope you are enjoying your summer

    Mary F, Bentley and Gabby


    Hi all! It’s been almost 2 years since I’ve checked in…yup, life is busy!!
    Just thought I’d send a little blurb about our Max! He’s doing sooo well! He’s consistent at 159lbs, which everyone is always amazed at! I think he looks very healthy and svelte, yet the vet is always encouraging me to put him on a diet. I swear, ALL the other local danes are skinny looking…not a healthy Dantry Dane! I’ve put my foot down…he does not get table scraps (unless he has grabbed them himself while ‘table surfing’!!), and most days doesn’t even eat all of his dog food!
    He’s going grey, as I’m sure the rest of his brothers and sisters are! Unbelievable…at only 4 years old! Although, it seems to be happening to me too, at 36, so we share that characteristic! 😉
    He’s a TOTAL couch potato, but does LOVE to go for walks, or ride alongside my bike for a heavier workout!
    Last year, after having numerous ticks embedded in him, we tested him for Lyme’s Disease…it came back positive 🙁 We treated him before he displayed any symptoms, so I don’t think it affected him too badly. I’m interested to hear if anyone else’s dane has contracted this. Ticks are SO bad in our area right now. It’s gotten to a point where I will not let Max run free in the summer months (hence the big bike rides on leash). My kids also can’t go in the bush or brush, as my daughter had one embedded in her back (we sent the little bugger away and it was negative for Lyme…thank god!!) Sad, eh? You can’t let your pets and animals enjoy the nice weather!
    Anyway, that’s all for now! Happy Birthday (in advance) to all of Max’s siblings! If you have a moment, it would be great to read about some of them!
    Talk soon,
    Ali & Max

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