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    Hey, just wanted to get in touch with anyone who took one of these beautiful puppies home


    My husband and I were out of the country for the last week so we pick up our male from this litter this weekend 🙂

    Did you take a male or female?


    We took home our first Dane puppy on September 22nd – a baby girl from this litter and I think she was the first to go! We’ve named her Harlow. It has been exhausting so far, but also fun to watch her grow! Can’t believe she was just 21 lbs when we got her…that didn’t last long. Where is everyone from? We are in London 🙂


    I love the name Harlow!

    We brought our male home on Thanksgiving. His name is Macgregor and he’s a big boy already. He tipped the scales at 42lbs on the weekend at the vet. We started puppy classes with him for basic obedience and socialization. He loves going.

    I agree – definitely exhausting but very worth it.

    We’re in Binbrook…right near Stoney Creek and Hamilton.


    We brought Riggins home on the 25th. He’s also a big boy tipping the scales at over 40 pounds as well. He’s dealing with some separation anxiety and isn’t taking to bring alone very well…. We’re in Toronto and live in a townhouse complex so tough to just let him cry it out… Other than that he’s been amazing!


    Awe, I love the names! The boys are quite a bit bigger than the females already eh? Harlow was 36lbs on Friday at the vet..just got her second set of shots so she is also starting a puppy class this week. Thank goodness. We are also having problems with separation anxiety, and we also have cats so we haven’t left her out of our sight yet. I hope it gets easier soon! Crating overnight is good, but during the day, we are not having success 🙁


    any luck with the daytime separation issues yet?? still none here riggins with go crazy for hours on end until we get home…. he’s also become a little escape artist getting out of his crate. Other then the separation problems he’s doing great, learning commands well and even taming down a bit on the biting!!


    We don’t seem to have many issues with the daytime separation/crate issues. Macgregor was starting to pick up on that he went in it when we were leaving so we started putting his dog bed in the crate as well (which he loves!) and he goes in it nicely again. At night, we actually have a baby gate up in our bedroom with his bed and toys instead of the crate. He sleeps all through the night and doesn’t chew on anything. He’s been great that way. During the day we actually have a local dog walker come in to feed him lunch and let him out in the back to play for awhile to burn off some energy until we come home.

    He’s learning the commands as well – though we are still having daily issues with his nipping/biting. We’re constantly redirecting with a toy etc but it is trying. He goes on 2 walks a day as well so we’re certainly trying to tire him out LOL

    We’re slowly taking his lunch feed amount down since they will be off it within the next week or 2. I feel like he’s too skinny in some lights and fine in others – trying to stick to Danielle’s feeding guide as much as possible. Definitely loves meal time though 🙂

    Glad to hear everyone is doing great!


    Hey guys, just a quick update

    Riggins has started to do well being alone in his crate during the day, we usually come home to a groggy just woken up pup. At night we are doing the same as sarah in baby gating him beside our bed… unfortunately this is gonna have to end as he enjoys waking up 8-10 times a night to see if he can get on the bed resulting in not much sleep being had. we just ordered the colossal crate from rens as he has now outgrown his first one so we will trying getting him to stay in that for the evenings(speaking of rens great sale on food).

    Riggins is shaping up nicely he went in for his last round of shots a couple weeks ago and everything was great. he weighed in at 63 pounds that visit so i assume he wavering around 70 now. His teeth are starting to fall out and come back in and luckily teething hasn’t been too much of a struggle…he prefers chewing on his toys than furniture(thank god!). I’ve found he loves really hard items the best like a frozen marrow bone or a deer antler piece. is anybody else freaking out by the size of the poop??? if he’s only 1/3 of his final size and they are already this big…were in trouble

    We visited the farm last week and by chance momma sydney was there!… i dont think rigging really realized but she definitely did giving him a thorough sniff and rarely leaving his side, very nice to see… anyways he is pretty timid around dogs bigger than him and was extremely scared hone we first got there but soon was running through the fields with all of them… i highly suggest if you get a chance to bring your little (not so little anymore i guess) one out there for a walk

    all the best!


    Glad to hear Riggins is doing so well! And yes…cannot believe the size of the poop. That’s why I send my husband out for it 🙂

    Macgregor had a vet appointment last week (had a bit of a 24hr stomach bug…brought up everything! Including water…) scary for a bit there but he’s on the mend for sure. He was 85lbs at that appointment so he’s shaping up to be a big boy. Gentle as ever. Though, he’s started jumping when he’s excited (and that makes him my size) so we’re working on stopping that right away! He’s very good about waiting to be invited up onto the bed and/or couch though. We’ve been diligent about that and making him sit and wait until he’s told he can.

    We will have to try the bone marrow pieces or the deer antler as a treat! Right now, Macgregor gets really excited for ice cubes! Cold, cheap and were great during his teething faze. Thanks for the tip though!

    We would love to get up to the farm for a walk now that the holidays are over (way too busy and crazy in there!)

    Have you thought at all about when you’re going to get Riggins neutered? Are you guys doing the gasteropexy done as well?

    Hope things keep going smoothly for you!


    Hi guys! It has been a while, I even forgot my old login!

    That is so nice that you & Riggins went to the farm when the mom was there! What an awesome experience. We should drive up with Harlow some day, it really isn’t a bad drive at all.

    Harlow is doing well. I am slightly concerned that she is massive…she was 83.5lbs last Friday. I thought the females were way smaller, but I guess not! She seems to be into a growth spurt phase again the last few weeks though. We unfortunately had a bit of a set back. Poor pup somehow ate one of our cat’s toys whole – we had no idea until she became sick and ended up needing emergency surgery to get it out of her small bowel. I feel terrible, have no idea how it happened because we are with her all the time. With their big mouths it just happens so fast! Thank god for pet insurance. It hasn’t been a fun few weeks for anyone, she was on total rest…very difficult to make an energetic puppy not run, walk, or play – with a cone on no less. But things are turning up and she is out for long walks and getting back to herself.

    Glad to hear Magreggor is feeling better too, I love the sophisticated names we all have. Harlow is not classy at all! Burps, toots, drools, sleeps in questionable positions.. Harlow has started to occassionally jump lately too – not really on us, but up in the air. Either way it isn’t really wanted so we are trying to nip that in the butt too. Lately she has gotten bad with mouthing my hands, clothes…not hard, and not to Devin though. But it is totally unwanted behaviour, need to work on that. Have you guys had trouble with that at all?

    We are going to do spay + plexy. Not sure when, going into heat sounds really unappealing, but we don’t want to do it too early because of the plexy. I think we’ll call Danielle in a few weeks and get her opinion on timing.

    Take care!


    Oh no! So sorry to hear that poor “little” Harlow wasn’t well but glad to hear that she’s on the mend! Don’t beat yourself up – they move so fast even though they’re so big! If it helps, Macgregor is CONSTANTLY eating our socks no matter how closely we watch him…we’re always finding them in the backyard after he “passes” them LOL I keep telling my husband that one of these days we’re not going to get so lucky with him passing them as easily.

    I’m also glad to hear that Macgregor isn’t the only one who’s jumping – he’s much like Harlow…he jumps in the air when he gets really excited but unfortunately that’s always near us and I’m pregnant so he cannot be doing that near me at all haha it’s mostly when we start his walk…like he’s very excited to be out and about. (even though he gets walked minimum once a day)

    We are also finding that he is mouthing at me bad…but never at Grant. It’s always at me and like you said..clothes, hands, feet..anything. How are you guys working to stop it?


    It’s the same for us – Harlow mostly jumps before and after a walk. Completely unpleasant..but definitely worse for you if you’re pregnant! We just don’t give into it, mostly ignore it and we go inside…we let her in when she calms down. For us, mouthing is worse than jumping though. Our dog trainer called it “frap” – unexplained energy bursts with barking, mouthing, jumping, etc. From what he said and what I found online, the only thing that really seems to help is to remove exciting things (take away toys, stop outdoor play). In the house, we put her in her crate for a few minutes until she breaks her ‘zoomie’ it seems to be the only thing that helps? Hopefully it is partially just puppy behaviour they outgrow too. We walk her well too so I am surprised she even has energy for these frap bursts sometimes! Anything else we tried hasn’t worked :s


    Hi, we have a beautiful male named Lincoln. He is almost 7 months old. He such a big boy, but very sweet. He get a little carried away when people come into the house, but he quickly calms down. I think we are finally past the biting stage. He was starting to leave bruises. It was all in play on his part, but not mine so much…..He seems to listen better to my husband and son when they tell him to stop. He’s so much better though in the past few weeks. His new issue is chewing his crate when we leave him. He was great for a while, even going down to the crate himself throughout the day. All of a sudden, he hates being in there with the door closed. He still goes down there for short periods of time throughout the day, but the door is open and he can come out when he pleases. There is no way we can leave him the run of the house when we go out, so he has to be locked into the crate. He’s never in there longer than about 4 hours, but he hates it and has taken to chewing the wood on the door and the frame, and he cries like a baby. Have to find a way to stop this, but everything else is awesome. These guys are such sweet, awesome dogs……love him!


    Hi guys!
    Just wondering if anyone from Harlow’s litter is planning to attend the fall walk this year? This will be our first Dantry walk and we hope to meet some of you! Harlow has grown into an amazing, sweet, gentle dog and we are so happy with her! 🙂

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