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    Calling all littermates!

    Mia Eng

    Hey Bethany,

    Great to hear Lena is doing well….She really is a big girl! Zoe is only about 100 lbs, but I need to measure her to see how she compares height-wise. She is definitely lean, but we haven’t been told that she needs to gain weight. Yikes…I need to check that out. Otherwise, she’s a lovely soul and mostly well behaved. The sofa is her domain and she is certainly gentle and loving and very active with other dogs, but sometimes she does the “run the other way when called to leave the park” routine. We get stopped all the time so people can tell us how beautiful she is.

    Would love to compare photos of Lena and Zoe if you’d like to email me at

    Maybe we should try to get the litter together for their 1st birthday!


    Hi Mia!

    So nice to hear about Zoe!

    Mary Flynn

    We have Gabby now – also a littermate of your pups.


    Oh Mary!



    So, it seems Miss Lena may have entered her first heat… thought it may have been a false alarm on Sunday when she left one ‘spot’ on the tile floor, but tonight there were a couple more and she’s licking at herself to clean up.

    Mary Flynn

    Hi Bethany, yes Gabby already went through a heat as well.


    Have fun on the walk today littermates 🙂

    I’m sure Lena would have LOVED to go… but I’m sure the ‘boys’ would have LOVED her too much today 😉


    Almost 1 year old!!

    How time files 🙂 Miss Lena and her littermates will be turning 1 this month! There was talk of a birthday get together, but it’s such a busy time of year I’m not sure how we’d fit it in… anyone have ideas or shall we wait for the next Dantry Walk?

    Lena is doing very well and has adjusted to the summer heat well enough. It’s funny though, I am sure she prefers the snow and cooler weather 🙂 She loves to run in our fields and I often take her for walks back through the forests on our property. I was actually video recording on a walk and trying to capture Lena when she bounds out of the forest toward me but captured a deer fleeing across the field… only to then pan back and see Lena galloping after it! Luckily she tired and came back after a couple of minutes (I’m guessing the deer cleared a stream that she was not willing to cross)!!

    Hope everyone is doing well! Would love to hear (read) some info on how the other “puppies” are doing!


    Mary Flynn

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all of the Java_Odin pups. Oh Bethany how Gabby LOVES to chase the deer and she is lightening FAST, she keeps up. I cannot believe how fast she is compared to our male Bentley. Gabby has not gone full on in the water yet, but if she keeps up with her brother, then she will be a swimmer. Bentley adores swimming, especially in the warmer weather. I cannot keep him out of our koi pond! I think that alot of the danes prefer the snow/cold to the summer. Gabby would be happy to sit outside all day in the winter/snow but I find she prefers to lay on the cool tile close to an A/C vent in this weather.

    I have made a pair of little birthday cakes and have a couple of hats and bowties. I will post pics on Facebook as there is no where to post here anymore. I have NO idea how much she weighs, I just think of her as small as Bentley is so massive in comparison. We love her to death, she is just such a sweet girl, well-behaved, fantastic temperament and listens to everything so well. She ONLY digs holes which I am positive that Bentley taught her. She is a lovely gal and are so happy to have her join our family. Sweet lovable funny gal she is.

    We were lucky enough to run into Zoe at a Cherry Beach meet-up and for siblings, they couldn’t be more different! Great to meet Mia and Zoe and Happy Birthday to Lena, Zoe and all the other littermates that I have zero clue about!

    Have a great weekend!


    HAPPY BIRTHDAY LITTERMATES (yesterday!)!! Hope you all enjoyed your first birthday with some fun doggie time 🙂 Lena got some new toys and has already pulled all of the stuffing out of her favourite new stuffie.

    It’s pretty busy around here this weekend… Lena shares her birthday weekend with my daughter who turns 7 tomorrow.

    Would love to see pictures!

    Enjoy your birthday weekend!

    Mary Flynn

    Oh wow TWO Birthdays. Bentley turned 2 on July 23 so we had TWO parties, complete with birthday hats & cakes. Yes, we are nuts
    Finally weighed Gabby at the farm and she is around 115lbs, still a little pipsqueak compared to Bentley but she is a very good pup. Listens well, doesn’t counter surf….she is just a stuffy murderer. Every day there is a stuffy shredded to bits. Bentley is fine to sit/sleep with a stuffy in his mouth but he definitely doesn’t anihilate them the way she does!

    As of today, Gabby is into her second heat. Didn’t notice much difference in behaviour other than she seems more tired than usual, only noticed because there was blood all over the floor!

    Hope to see everyone on the walk. I really do not even know about littermates to Gabby other than Lena & Zoe. Do you know Bethany?

    Again, hope to see everyone on the 25th of August for a get together at Dantry. If not then, maybe you are coming over on the 2nd of September – Labour Day

    Mary F, Bentley & Gabby


    Oh no! Heat #2… fingers cross that Lena doesn’t come back in soon! We decided no puppies in her future so are booking ‘ops’ for Sept.

    Sounds like Gabby and Lena have similar personalities… stuffy murdering is a frequent occurrence around here and she’s very polite in the kitchen or around food. LOVES to play outside and run wildly in open fields, LOL!

    We are hoping to go on the walk on the 25th… will be great to see everyone there! I have not heard much about other littermates… Although, there was a male from the litter at Dantry a couple of weeks ago (there for his ‘ops’ recovery). Hopefully there will be some more at the walk and they can have a play together 🙂


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