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    Seems like it must be a guy thing. Its nice that he has something to say but we are working on it not being so loud. Maybe I will try the spray bottle for when he doesn’t get the picture. We do tell him to go lie down when he is barking in front of us which he will do but then just continue to “talk” once he gets there. J


    Abby is usually pretty quiet other than some playful growls. We did have a problem with her yowling in her crate when we’d go out, so Danielle recommended this collar:
    It’s been working really well. I recommend talking to Danielle first to see if she has any other suggestions on how to correct it since it happens while you’re around. Good luck!!


    Merlin has begun being very vocal when out for a walk when he sees another dog. The other day he actually pulled me a few feet (with his prong collar on) to try to get closer to another dog and bark in his face. I’m hoping its a teenager thing that will be remedied once he’s fixed in march.
    We are trying to remain calm when we come home as he’s like dDino running up to the door. His tail is like a whip and goes crazy.


    I dropped J


    How big is he? Archer’s 135 (possibly 130 now with all her summer fun exercising). She’s quite the lady, though a little shorter than some of her Dane friends.

    Oh, has anyone had to deal with ear infections? Archer’s came back almost immediately, so I don’t think the medication the vet gave us is terribly effective.


    Merlin is about 150 lbs although I think he lost about 5 lbs this week. He was terribly sick with an upset stomach. It was very worrisome to wake up at 3 am to hear the him. We thought it was a food issue as we had seen a re-call on the smaller bag of his food. (turns out the notice we saw was a year old) After three days he finally got the bug out.

    The second night, his ear was bothering him. Constantly shaking his head and there was some clear discharge. I cleaned it out and he seems to be fine now.

    Once he got the bug out, he bounced back very quickly. He is now a very hungry pup. I’m not ready to give him kibble yet. Still eating beef and rice, but man that dog can eat a lot of rice.




    I hate having to take them to vet.

    It seems that Merlin is allergic to the chicken in the Iams food. As suggested by Danielle, we have changed him to the lamb and rice Kirkland from Costco.

    Merlin was bitten by a wasp in the summer too. All around the same time he has his food allergy reaction. Thankfully it didn’t cause too much issue.

    Merlin does seem to have thin skin though. My previous dog, a rottie, never got cuts or bled for any reason. Merlin gets cuts or pimples on his mouth that start to bleed or even blisters on his paws that break and bleed. I was taking him for walks with my girlfriends. We walk about 8+ km in 90 minutes. Ive had to stop taking Merlin with us. Twice he’s come home with a bloody paw. I think he much prefers to walk the kids to and from school.


    After two summers of watching bees in the garden and snapping at them, Archer finally got stung. She also got stung by a wasp at camp two months ago. No reactions, just some swelling. She does, however, get red marks from mosquito bites! Ugh. At the beginning of the summer, her one eye was absolutely swollen from a few mosquito bites, the poor girl! But we gave her some Benedryl and kept a cool cloth on it until the swelling went down (about 2 days).

    Archer weighs about 130

Viewing 9 posts - 31 through 39 (of 39 total)
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