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    Hello Dantry and Friends!

    I thought I would start this, maybe a little early, but we are too excited!

    Jon and I are anxiously awaiting a ‘little’ boy from this litter. We’ve been preparing and waiting for a very long time and finally the time was right!

    I was wondering if anyone else that frequents the forum is waiting on a puppy from this litter as well. Is anyone else visiting this weekend?


    Mark and I are very excited as well!!! We will be getting one of the females from Hannah’s litter, she will be named Arya.

    Not sure when we will be visiting (haven’t received an e-mail from Danielle yet).

    Have fun this weekend and would love to see the photos if you take some 🙂




    So exciting! Maybe send an email to Danielle or call just to get in, she’s a busy lady!

    I’ll definitely definitely be taking pictures. I’ll post a few here and maybe tag the Dantry Danes page on facebook :).

    Arya is a super pretty name. Our boy will be Elvis (can you tell I’m a fan 😉 ).


    Just an update:

    I went out this past Sunday to see the puppies and they are all amazing! I also got to meet two of the Java girls and a few others.

    We’re looking forward to finding out which boy is ours 🙂

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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