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    I just thought I would start this thread, as my husband and I received an email from Danielle saying she had a blue female for us!! We couldn’t be more excited and plan on visiting the puppies on the weekend of the 14th. When they are 4 weeks of age. We live in Kingston so it’s a bit of a hike to the farm but definitely well worth it.

    Love to hear who else is finally getting there puppy


    We just heard today that we will also be getting a Blue Girl!! My husband Terry and I are so excited. Perfect timing, just in time for Terry’s birthday! We haven’t set a time to visit the puppies yet, but we’re looking forward to the walk this weekend. Even if we can’t see the little ones at least we can enjoy a great dane fix well we’re waiting.
    So glad we got our colossal crate on the weekend at the ren’s tent sale. now to pick up other things we will need.
    Kathryn, Kingston is a long way. My in-laws live near Kingston. maybe we can get together for play dates once we have our girls, when we are up visiting. We live in Waterloo.



    That is so exciting! It is actually my husbands birthday on Monday so this is his birthday present lol he just needs to wait a few more months. I would love to get our girls together if your out this way. I need to email Danielle to see if she has other Danes in my area as it would be nice for them to get together.

    We don’t have our Dane crate (no clue were to find one) but we have the standard large breed dog crate for now so I will be slowly getting everything else for her. Have you thought of names?



    the dog crates can be found at ren’s pet depot. If you google them they have a few locations, not sure if there are any in the Kingston area, but I have also heard people have had good luck with finding them on amazon. it’s a Midwest Colossal size dog crate. I hope that helps. We’re thinking of naming her ether River or Abby, it might have to wait till we have her to be sure. have you thought of names? -Colleen

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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