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    The Bugs are dying off and the bean are ready to take a beating. What I mean to say is Its time for another walk. Matt may cry to see 60 Great Danes on his beans but we will buy his a box of tissues.
    We would like to hold another Dantry Walk August 25th 2013 at the Dantry farm Walking at 1:00. Pot luck as usual and we will be BBQing. We are going to be asking for $5 per adult as we are now renting a porta potty for the walks. Please bring extra chairs and post what you would like to bring to help others.


    Looking forward to the walk, can’t wait to see every one again. I plan on bringing burgers and maybe some sausages, served with edemame.


    Cascade Mifflin will attend with owners Luba and Chris. We’ll bring Shrimp on skewars for grilling (if Matt will allow on his BBQ grill before he starts the Burgers/Dogs? – let us know) with Watermelon Salsa. Luba Lubam@rogers.com

    Mary Flynn

    Thanks to Danielle, Matt, London and everyone for a fab day! Leaving for work with 2 danes still sleeping is always awesome!
    We appreciate the amount of work that goes into these ‘walks’ for the Dantry crew! Thanks everyone for the fantastic food!

    Mary F, Bentley & Gabby


    Thanks Mary and Thank-you too to Luba and her shrimp. It inspired us to grill some more tonight. Went great!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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