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    Matt Ankum

    We are planning a walk for Sunday Aft the 18th of May . Hoping for wonderful weather but rubber boots are still practical. We will start at 1pm so if you can be there a good 15 min prior. The walk will take an 1.5 hour or so with the usual but fabulous potluck to follow. Matt will do sausage on a bun and burgers. Bring your own lawn chairs , indoor shoes. Reply on board, or by email with questions, # of people puppies and what not.


    Merci and thank-you

    Matt and Danielle

    Monika MK

    YAY! I am excited. This would be our first Dantry walk, so we are hoping to attend. Cali is a year old now and still very excited about people/dogs until she has a chance to calm down. How have others’ first walks been?
    Also – is the property fully fenced on the walk? We don’t let Cali loose as we live around busy streets!

    Monika, Kris & Cali


    Matt and Danielle,

    Jon, myself, and Elvis will be attending (that makes two adults and one pup). We will bring a pasta salad.

    Monika, it will be our first walk too and we have the same issue haha. Should be exciting 🙂

    ~ Katie


    Charlotte, Wolfric, Linda and Peter will be there. will confirm what we will bring.

    Monika MK

    Confirming now 2 adults & 1 dane!

    We are driving a fair distance so will bring a 32 can case of reg. Coke & case of water bottles.

    Monika, Kris & California


    Monika & Katie, you will LOVE your first walk and will keep coming back for more! 🙂 The yard is fenced, and the walk goes through the fields and forest – the fields are partially fenced. Bring a leash with you if your pup isn’t quite used to off-leash, we always brought a leash with us just in case. From my own experience, our pups stuck close to us and the pack – but it’s nice to have a leash with you in case they have the desire to wander away. 🙂 See you at the walk!


    Layla and Wally will be attending, and they are bringing their two humans. Will confirm what we are bringing.

    This will be Wally’s first Dantry walk as well can’t wait, hopefully he doesn’t realize he doesn’t look like the other Dantry danes!

    Ruth, Kirt, Layla and Wally


    Savannah is looking very forward to the Dantry Walk. Savannah is bringing two adult humans (someone has to the chauffeur) and a Caesar salad. Can hardly wait as the winter has been a long one.

    Savannah, Mike and Lynda


    The Schuh’s will be there, with Bones and Tiger. So that’s 2 adults and 2 Danes.
    Sorry for the late notice, we were away on vacation. We will be bringing a Tuna Pasta Salad 🙂


    Arya and I will be there but will have to leave early because she shows in Kitchener at 4pm. Mark really wanted to make it but had surgery yesterday and needs to recovery. I will bring some brownies 🙂 So that makes us 1 dog, 1 person and some chocolatey goodness.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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