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The very best start.

All our puppies, who go home no earlier than nine weeks of age, are CKC (Canadian Kennel Club) registered. Parents are always shown, at minimum, to their Canadian Championship titles and have all health clearances — hips, heart, elbows, eyes, and thyroid — before being added to our program. Every puppy is micro-chipped, checked by our veterinarian, and has received its first round of shots before going home.

Our bloodline began with an American-bred black bitch in 1999, and a few years later, we added a black male from Swedish and American lines. The Swedish kennel that line came from is Boarhunter, a kennel well-known for its longevity and wonderful quality of health. Over the past decade, this reputation has proved itself here in Canada as our foundation male has brought those qualities to our line. We have also carefully brought other select lines – both American and Canadian – into the mix. Then, in 2009, we went back to Boarhunter and undertook enormous measures to bring another spectacular male to Canada from Sweden. The combination of the European and North American bloodlines has been very successful in the show ring. We have managed to produce the substance and size which harkens back to the Swedish lines in combination with the elegance of American and Canadian lines.

Why should I buy a registered dane?

Being a member of and registering litters with an official club (either the American Kennel Club – AKC or the Canadian Kennel Club – CKC) is a responsibility of reputable breeders. (Note that the Continental Kennel Club – a different CKC – is not an official club.) Registered puppies have papers from these clubs. If you buy a dog that is not registered, you are increasing the chances of varying health and/or temperament problems in your puppy. If a breeder does not register her dogs, it is unlikely that she has a thorough understanding of the bloodlines of those dogs. Without this knowledge, a breeder can carelessly double up on health and/or behavioural issues or breed a new issue or problem.

Our knowledge of the Dantry bloodline covers a dozen generations. With this information as a foundation, we can make educated decisions on what males and what females can be safely bred together to avoid potential health issues. Those who breed two dogs simply to make puppies and do not offer registration papers from official clubs are often backyard breeders (BYBs). In all likelihood, their puppies will not conform to breed standards (they may not look much like a dane as an adult) and could have many health and/or temperament problems immediately or down the road.

Adult dogs.

On occasion, we do have well-behaved young adult dogs available for purchase as well. If this is of interest to you, please let us know.

Why come to visit?

For one, you should get to know us and we want to get to know you. We learn from our interactions with you what temperament and gender would suit your family and circumstances, and you will come to realize if you are comfortable with us. We will be assisting you in the future, and having your trust is essential to a successful relationship. If you love our dogs but are not comfortable with our methods, we would prefer you buy a dog elsewhere. We like to meet all our prospective puppy parents before adding them to our waiting list — so please contact us to set up a farm visit if you’re interested in joining the Dantry family.

We also like if prospective puppy people can make the time to join us on one or more of our organized walks during the time in which you are waiting for a puppy. Seeing you on our walks gives us another opportunity to get to know you and make the best possible choice for your family. These walks are also a great way for you to learn about the training of giant breed dogs. Additionally, we ask that you explore our site to learn more about our pack and perhaps do some reading on the forum too.